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Xamarin.Forms – Netflix

Hello, Today, I will try to make Netflix mobile application design using Xamarin.Forms. Netflix is the one of the most popular application nowadays and I think Netflix has a elegant mobile design. Thanks to Xamarin.Forms, I can make the design same time in the iOS and Android platforms.

Firstly, I opened the Xamarin.Forms project and I tried to make 4 screens of the Netflix. When we opened the Netflix, we see that there is an Introduction page so i started to the make Introduction Page. I use the Carousel View inside of the page to make same screen and for the Carousel View, I install a nuget package.

After the Introduction Page, we see that Login Page. In the Login Page, we have 2 Entry and 2 Button. For the Entries, I use Material Designs.

After the Login Page, we see that User Page. It is a really simple screen to make. I add the pics and label of the users and our job is done.

Finally, we have Home Page. In the home page, we have a movie introduction and categories of the movies. By looking at the design, I try to make same design. I used Collection View for the catagories and orientation of the collection view is horizontal.

You can reach the project by clicking here. Here is the output of the project;

You can ask your questions via e-mail or comments.

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