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Xamarin Forms Reddit Design

Hello my friends, Today i will make one of the most used social app which name is Reddit. I will design the main screen of the reddit using with the Xamarin.Forms. I try to design Reddit but i did not find the same icons so it can be seem a little bit different but if you can find the right icons it will be better and Design will be seem better.

I start to my project to telling my page it will be a tabbed page and then i added a titleview and i added the my user icon and search bar in the titleview. Reddit have 5 tabbed page in the bottom. I add 5 tabbed page in the bottom and then in the main page there are 3 tabbed page on top. I do my operations in the “home page”.

I use the these code syntax above for the design Reddit Main Screen. If you realize i use listview and i bind the this listview for the bind this listview i create a model in the class side. Here are the code syntax;

I bind the this model to my listview. The screen view of the program is below;

You can find the project on my github just click here. You can ask your question on comments or ask me in the e-mail.

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