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Xamarin.Forms Borderly Picker

Hello, When i develop an application with Xamarin.Forms, I need to put a picker and picker has different design in the Android and iOS. I want to show picker like in the iOS. For that i need to write Custom Renderer for the Android and iOS.

Firstly, in the portable i create a class which name is CustomMyPicker and i inherit from Picker.

After that, i create class in the Android. The class name is CustomPickerRenderer. Here is the codes that i wrote;

The same thing, I did for the iOS. I create a class which name is CustomPickerRenderer. I did not so much thing in the iOS because design already looks good.

Now, I will show the how to use this custom picker in a view. For that we need the specify where the class is.

Now, I added the picker.

Here is the output of screen;

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