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Tuesday August 13th, 2019

Swift App – iOS Calculator Part-2

In the previous article, I wrote the design of the iOS Calculator. In this article, I will try to write the idea of the how calculator work in the iOS Calculator. Firstly, I opened the project which we created before. In the project, I go ViewController.swift and then i add the operation buttons, number buttons and the result label from MainStoryboard. @IBOutlet weak var resultLabel: UILabel! override […]

Wednesday July 24th, 2019

Swift App- iOS Calculator Part-1

Hello, When we develop an application, UI(User Interface) is really important. To having a better user interface will make more users. When we develop an iOS Application and we put an object in the screen, It can be seen different on the different iPhone version because of the screen size. To fix this problem we use different options, I create constraints for the fix problem. In this […]

Friday July 5th, 2019

Swift App – Fruitrise

Hello, I made a really basic swift application. The name of the application is Fruitrise. When you open the application first, you will see a suprise box and to open this box you can use the button(Open) or you can shake your iPhone and when the box is opened you will see a surprise fruit. This is the idea of the application and i will try to […]