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Sunday April 5th, 2020

Xamarin.Forms Youtube

Hello friends, Today i will try to make Youtube clone using the Xamarin.Forms. Youtube is the one of the most used video platform in the world and I think youtube has really good design. I will make the Youtube home screen design. If you want me to do any other app design please comment it. I will make the design with the parts. Firstly, We […]

Saturday November 9th, 2019

Web Service and SQL Connection

Hello, In my previous article, i wrote about the how to create Web App and SQL Service in the Azure. In this article, I create a ASP.NET Web Service and try to communicate with the services which we created at Azure. Also I will try to keep data in SQL. Firstly, I create a blank solution and then I create an ASP.NET Core and choose the template […]

Friday November 8th, 2019

Azure Web App and SQL Databases

Hello, In our project whatever we develop, we would like to keep our data in the databases. For that Azure present us to some free services. In this services, I will create a Web App and SQL Database and then i try to make these services communicate with each other. After the making connection between the web app and sql database, I will connect the web service […]

Thursday October 17th, 2019


Hello, When we develop an application, we may want to keep data in the local or real time databases. In my previous articles, I wrote about the how to use sqlite. Now, I would like to create a web api using by the ASP.NET. While writing this article, I follow the Microsoft Documentation. Firstly, I created a blank solution and then i added the ASP.NET Core Web […]

Friday October 11th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Text Analysis

Hello, In my previous article, I try to  wrote about the face recognition and in this article, i will try to make Text Analytics app. Text Analytics can be used for the different purposes. In the application, I will try to make sentiment analytics, language analytics, important entities or people analytics and key phrases of the text. Firstly, Login into Azure and create a Text […]

Wednesday October 9th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Face Recognition

Hello, Artificial Intelligence applications is getting better day by day and while this area is developing, I would like to add AI properties to the my applications. Thanks to Azure, We can easily add the AI and Machine Learning’s API to our applications. I am going to write articles about the using Cognitive Services in Xamarin.Forms application in the coming days and this article will be […]

Sunday October 6th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Facebook

Hello, Facebook is the one of the most used social media application and today i am going to show you how to make Facebook design with Xamarin.Forms. Lets start the coding(Create a blank Xamarin.Forms application). When we open the Facebook, We see a LoginPage. Firstly, I tried to do Login Page design so i created a page. I added the StackLayout to the page and […]

Wednesday September 18th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Multilingual

Hello, When we develop an application we want it to be a global application. For that we need to support different languages in the application and thanks to that we may have more user. I develop Xamarin.Forms application and to add different languages in Xamarin.Forms application we need to use a plugin. The name of the plugin is Plugin.Multilingual, I found this plugin with research on […]

Monday September 16th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Borderly Picker

Hello, When i develop an application with Xamarin.Forms, I need to put a picker and picker has different design in the Android and iOS. I want to show picker like in the iOS. For that i need to write Custom Renderer for the Android and iOS. Firstly, in the portable i create a class which name is CustomMyPicker and i inherit from Picker. public class CustomMyPicker […]

Sunday September 8th, 2019

Xamarin.Forms Taking Picture

Hello, when i was develop an application, i was need the take a picture and pick the picture. I researched about the taking and picking picture and i find the Xam.Plugin.Media plugin which created by the James Montemagno. For the use that plugin, we need to make some arranges. Firstly, after the creating project we need the add the Xam.Plugin.Media. Later inside of the Android platform and […]