Friday October 20th, 2023

(Turkish) plm

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Friday August 21st, 2020

Kotlin Navigation Drawer

Helloo, when we look at the popular apps we can see that there is a menu coming from side of screen. I will try to do these menu in a Kotlin project. This menu named as Navigation Drawer in Android World. I open an empty kotlin project in Android  Studio. In this project, we will use some libraries that we need to use for the […]

Thursday August 20th, 2020

Kotlin Error while Launching activity

Hello, while developing a kotlin project i encounter with an error and this was the error description; Error: Activity class {com.yourpackagename} does not exist. Error while Launching activity While searching solutions on the internet, I found in the StackOverflow. Here is the link. By the solution open the terminal and run that code; adb uninstall <your-apps-package-name> After the running that code, my error solved and […]

Sunday April 5th, 2020

Xamarin.Forms Youtube

Hello friends, Today i will try to make Youtube clone using the Xamarin.Forms. Youtube is the one of the most used video platform in the world and I think youtube has really good design. I will make the Youtube home screen design. If you want me to do any other app design please comment it. I will make the design with the parts. Firstly, We […]