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Xamarin.Forms Face Recognition

Hello, Artificial Intelligence applications is getting better day by day and while this area is developing, I would like to add AI properties to the my applications. Thanks to Azure, We can easily add the AI and Machine Learning’s API to our applications. I am going to write articles about the using Cognitive Services in Xamarin.Forms application in the coming days and this article will be about the implementation of the Face Recogintion in Xamarin.Forms apps. Azure have different type of subscriptions and I use azure for students for the use like me click here.

Firstly, Go to Azure and create a Face Recognition API. It is really easy to do(If you can not create ask me). Create a Xamarin.Forms blank application and after the application created, I added a page which name is FaceRecognitionPage and then i made the design of this page.

I will try to make samples of the Cognitive Services, For that reason my app design is master-detail page. If you are copy and paste the codes above you will have the same design. Design part was easy, now we should make the backends. While this project, I followed the Microsoft documentation. For the reach documentation click here. For the take and pick photo process, I already wrote an article about that you can see by clicking here. We should not forget the add the Newtonsoft.Json and Xam.Plugin.Media nuget packages to our project.

If you look at the documentation, you can see the JSON codes at the end of the page. We should convert these JSON to the C#. For that copy the JSON code and then click here paste the codes and convert to C#. Then take the C# codes and create a class inside of the our project. I created a class which name is FaceModel. Do not forget to change RootObject to the FaceModel.

After the adding class, we can go the .cs part of the our page and finish the process. We use the Subscription Key and End-Point Url so you should copy and paste these. Look the below codes and copy then paste to your project then Face Recognition will be work. I just use the gender and age properties, you can use other specifications.

If you can ask your question via e-mail or comments, i will  be happy. In the next  article, I will try to make Text Analytics. Keep working 🙂

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