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Xamarin.Forms Text Analysis

Hello, In my previous article, I try to  wrote about the face recognition and in this article, i will try to make Text Analytics app. Text Analytics can be used for the different purposes. In the application, I will try to make sentiment analytics, language analytics, important entities or people analytics and key phrases of the text.

Firstly, Login into Azure and create a Text Analytics Api, it is easy to do. After the creation of the Api, create Xamarin.Forms blank application. In the app, i create a page which name is TextAnalyticsPage and then i made the design of this page.

If you copy and paste the code, you will have the same design with me. After the design, we should make the analytics part. For the make analysis, I follow the Microsoft Documentation, you can reach by clicking here. We should add the Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Language.TextAnalytics nuget package to the our project. Now everything is good to code analysis but before that we should add the Subscription Key and End-Point.

We should wrote the codes that which store the information and help us to connect with api;

Codes for the Sentimental Analysis of the Text;

Codes for the Detect Language of the Text;

Codes for the detect Entities and People in the Text;

Codes for the detect Key Phrases of the Text;

And the button event for the call all the functions;

After the wroting all the codes above, Text Analysis will work perfectly. For your question, you can reach me via e-mail or comments.

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