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Xamarin.Forms Facebook

Hello, Facebook is the one of the most used social media application and today i am going to show you how to make Facebook design with Xamarin.Forms. Lets start the coding(Create a blank Xamarin.Forms application).

When we open the Facebook, We see a LoginPage. Firstly, I tried to do Login Page design so i created a page. I added the StackLayout to the page and inside of the StackLayout as in the design i added the entries and buttons. Design of the Login Page, I think it is easy.

After the Login Page design, I started the make Home Page design. Before the start Home Page, i see that this page must be a Tabbed Page. So I created a tabbed page but this tabbed page is not that i want so i should write Custom Tabbed Page. In the internet, I made researches and i found a article can help me to make a tabbed page which i want. For the article click here.

After the creating Tabbed Page, I started make Home Page design and i added the ScrollView. In the Home Page design, There are three parts and these are titleview in the top, story view and view which has the posts. I started the make this parts with orderly.

It been a long design code. I shared the screenshots of the screen but the seeing application in a real device can be much better so you can see the gif of the app. If you ask your via e-mail or comments, I will be happy. The resolution of the gif can be bad but the in the devices app is awesome.

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