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Swift App – Fruitrise

Hello, I made a really basic swift application. The name of the application is Fruitrise. When you open the application first, you will see a suprise box and to open this box you can use the button(Open) or you can shake your iPhone and when the box is opened you will see a surprise fruit. This is the idea of the application and i will try to tell how i made this application step by step.

Firstly, I created a Swift project in the Xcode. After the created project i put a UIImageView and i filled this image view entire screen of the iPhone. I made it the background of the application and then in the screen there will be a 3 objects and these are top label, box and button. I am adding these objects to the my application screen.

You can find the images from my github repositories. I added the all necessary images and icons to the project and then i started the make relation between the objects by writing codes. I added the Button, Label and UIImageView to the View Controller side. I created a class that keeping information about the fruits and i initialize the random number that to see different fruits for the every time i opened box or shake the iPhone.

After these process, I making shaking process which is really simple to apply. We already wrote that updating functions for the Fruits, we just apply that function in the shaking function.

The application is ready. I made this application using the MCV(Model-View-Controller) structure. Here is the gif from the application;

You can reach the repository from here. You can ask your questions via e-mail or comments to me.

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